Yes, these are ceramic boob planters.

This project started over 5 years ago, but mostly in the shadows of shame. Each year, I became a little stronger, to make the nipple more pronounced, glazed in a natural colors, to show that, I am actually making a boob. Each one started as an act of silent rebellion. And I learned more and more, to accept my art and my body. The pieces you see here, are the ones I’ve always wanted to make. Unapologetically. 
From very early on, I always felt the most honest I could be was naked. And very early on, I was told “Go put your clothes on! You can’t be naked!” I rarely got to see the body, let alone be proud of it. Around the time that many loved ones in my life were fighting breast cancer. I began taking ceramics classes and surprised to find myself in the state of flow, with the world completely blurred away, a very natural form presented itself: the breast. I felt embarrassed, scared of what other classmates would think, the male studio owners grew silent, people looking out of the corners of their eyes. But, these clay boobs made me smile. And so I made more. And more. 

Now, after years of practice and development I feel proud of what I make. I feel proud of Humans and our amazing forms. I know it’s not status quo, and not for everyone just yet. The joy comes when I see little kids interact with my work at galleries, and the various ways adults hold them, I smile because the more we are able to normalize our bodies and show them, the more we can love and respect them. We can objectify objects, these are “tits made of clay”*. We can create a healthy separation to observe. And we can remember to not objectify people and animals. Thank you,
Car Nazzal *bonus points if you know where that quote comes from.